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The Mineral Makeup Movement

Once hard to find and more common in boutiques than department stores and drugstores, mineral makeup has grown into its own category within the cosmetics industry. Praised for i...

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Is Mineral Oil Actually Ok?

When a product is labeled oil-free, it typically means it doesn't contain mineral oil and implies that it won't clog pores. But is the idea of mineral oil as zit trigger an outd...

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Soothing Sleep For Sensitive Skin

Everyone should take advantage of the body's natural overnight repairing powers with a good night cream; but keep in mind, there are more than just anti-aging advantages. Sleep ...

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A Special Solution For Dark Underarms

Unless you suffer from it, you probably don't know about it: underarm hyperpigmentation. It can be caused by many of the same triggers as discoloration anywhere else on the body...

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Super Self-Tanner For Sensitive Skin

My skin has a history of oversensitive reactions when coated in self-tanner. I typically turn red instead of tan, because DHA and my skin have about as much positive chemistry a...

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