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Stop Expression Lines While You Sleep

As we get older, our everyday facial expressions threaten to leave their mark more and more. But even if you practice looking as deadpan as possible, your face continues to move...

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Reduce Redness With Retinaldehyde

All Avene products are made with sensitive skin in mind, but although related, redness is a separate situation. So if you're dealing with serious ruddiness, rosacea or flushing,...

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The Eyes Have It

Simplifying your beauty regimen is a concept I can definitely support, and the new line by Washington, DC, dermatologist Tina Alster, MD, does just that. SKIN IS IN breaks down ...

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Ambé'S Notable Night Cream

We come across a lot of night creams here at the NewBeauty offices, and we use our beauty editor know-how to weed out those that seem to be over-promising. What do we look for? ...

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13 More Reasons To Love This Cream

Dr Alexiades' 37 Extreme Actives Anti-Aging Cream has been best seller at Neiman Marcus thanks to its claim of having the most potent and effective anti-aging ingredients in a s...

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A Surprising Skin-Softener

The word marshmallow evokes a mouth-watering sensation for most of us. While the sugary treat is far from natural, many don't know that it is a potent herb in its natural state....

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