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How The Vitamin Niacin Can Fix Your Skin

Beauty buzzwords come and go, but one that has continually boasted a bevy of praise over the past few years is niacin. Otherwise known as vitamin b3, this wonder ingredient is s...

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Top 10 Wrinkle Erasing Ingredients

Shopping for anti-aging beauty products can be overwhelming and confusing. Let us take some of the guesswork out by identifying the most potent ingredients in the fight against ...

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Your Lips, Only Better

We're sure your lips are perfectly pretty as is, but everyone likes a little enhancement. And sometimes, a little goes a long way, which is the case with BORBA's Neutraceutical ...

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Plump Lips With A Peptide-Packed Potion

Not long ago, the beauty industry went through a phase where lip plumpers were the "it" product. But suddenly, the buzz faded, and new plumping products seemed to be few and far...

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Vitamin K Is The Key To Bright Eyes

Vitamin K is essential for blood coagulation-the K actually stands for Koagulation in German-so it plays a huge role in medicine, from Alzheimer's to poison antidotes. But it al...

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Help Your Body Battle Sun Damage

Even though they get as much sun time as your face, your hands, neck and chest may not be getting the same corrective care. Sure, it's easier to remember to apply a cream to the...

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Preemptive Action For Retin-A Irritation

Anyone who's ever used Retin-A is probably familiar with the redness, dryness and peeling that can occur before you start to see improvment. But a new study sheds light on a pot...

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