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New York-Inspired Skin Care

SoHo is one of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods. The offbeat, eclectic, artsy feel of the downtown hotspot has been an inspiration to many, the latest: Plush Skin, a new natu...

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Nyc Skin-Care Company Spa Debuts

This week is the opening of Spa 1851, Kiehl's first-ever spa facility. Kiehl's has been around for 160 years offering much-loved skin and hair products-needless to say the debut...

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Manicures At The Makeup Mecca

Sephora has long been one of our favorite vendors of nail polish, but at the end of the month, not only will NYC and San Francisco customers be able to walk out of Sephora with ...

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Makeup In A New York Minute

One of the best parts of living in New York City is the convenience factor. Almost anything can be delivered right to your door, from pad thai to dry cleaning and makeup to skin...

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Summer Spa Treat

What better way to start summer than with a rejuvenating spa program tailor-made for the bikini-wearing days ahead. The Chatwal Spa by Kashwére, located at New York's luxury hot...

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Eliminate Bad Hair Days

Philip Kingsley's philosophy is “healthy hair is beautiful hair.” He has made trichology, the science of hair, the focus of his career and in his 55 years of exper...

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Juice Cleansing Made Chic

Ready to take the plunge into juice cleansing but need some assistance? The Spa at The Surrey in New York is ready to help you-in a truly luxurious setting that's sure to keep y...

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A Blow-Dry Buff's Twist On Wavy Hair

There are a lot of things I miss about New York City. One of those things, I didn't even get the chance to experience before I left! I'm talking about blow, a hair salon where...

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The Most Serene Massage Experience

If you're looking to achieve the optimal state of relaxation and serenity, get yourself over to the newly opened Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Their Impe...

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