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How To Prep Your Skin For Makeup

You might have your makeup routine down pat, after all, you've been wearing it for years now. But did you know there's a way to prep your skin to help your makeup look smoother ...

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How to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles

Whether you have dark circles due to genetics, lack of sleep or age, there are ways to deal with them. Some solutions include a visit to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, wh...

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From Fine To Full With A Fortifying Foam

If your hair has been looking limp but hasn't reached the point of requiring a drug-based hair-loss foam, you'll want to know about another foam that can bring about a voluminou...

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An Interdependent Wrinkle-Diminishing Duo

Neutrogena just gets better with age. Sadly, our skin does not, which is why we often turn to them for various complexion cures. Most recently, we've found ourselves taken with ...

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A Dual-Action Blemish Buster

I rarely get full-blown breakouts anymore, but I'm not immune to the occasional humdinger of a zit. So while I don't need to keep a daily treatment on hand, I do reach for an em...

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Vitamin-Packed Eye Shadow Sets

I was just looking for a new set of neutral eye shadows when I walked into the drugstore, but I had no idea that the perfect pair of browns I would find would offer much more th...

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My Lucky Sunscreen Switch-Up

A few weeks ago, when I was cruising the Caribbean on a family vacation, I made a groundbreaking beauty discovery that has forever revolutionized my appreciation for sunscreen. ...

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