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7 Natural Ingredients You Should Know

Natural oils have been around for years but their recent resurgence has many people recognizing their benefits, and, in turn, many oils losing their “bad” reputation...

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An Oil-Based Skin Care’S Big Benefits

Face oils and oil-based elixirs promise a world of beauty benefits, but for acne sufferers and sensitive skin types, they can be scary products to avoid like the plague. No matt...

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Desensitize Your Sensitive Skin

Sometimes it feels like your skin is as emotional and dramatic as a teenage daughter trying to borrow the car on a Friday night. You change one little thing in your skin care ro...

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An Anti-Wrinkle Serum Fit For A Duchess

I know putting oil on your face can be a little unnerving, but try not to be alarmed. Some of the most beneficial facial serums are completely made up of natural and essential o...

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