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A Unique Fragrance Finds A Fan Base

I think one of the most offensive things a stranger can say to you is “Are you wearing X perfume?”-especially when they are right. There's nothing else that scream...

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A Clever Collection Of Spellbinding Scents

We're utterly hypnotized by the aromas and inventiveness of the Lily Lambert SPECTRUM collection. The eight fragrances, each assigned a letter to spell out the collection's name...

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Switch Your Scent From Day To Night

Some of us stick to one signature scent, no matter the season or occasion, while others change it up as often as possible–even day to night. For those who fall into the l...

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Dazzing Lotion From A Denim Luminary

One of the best things about clothing designers who make fragrances is that even when we're feeling kinda dumpy, their perfumes can still make us feel stylish and sexy, especial...

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Poetic Perfume That Defies Description

If you ask Nez a Nez what their Bouche Baie perfume smells like, they'll tell you, "In this blend, generous and benevolent, our berries do the Indian swim and whisper marmalade ...

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Total Tuberose Indulgence

Those closest to me-whether emotionally or standing near enough to smell me-know how much I love tuberose. It is my scent soulmate, with which I fell in love at first whiff in m...

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A Delicate Daytime Scent

I'm addicted to Michael Kors Eau de Parfum, but it's a pretty heavy scent for Florida. Lately, I've been saving it for dates, which has left me in need of a new daytime fragranc...

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Hampton Sun Introduces A Scent

After spending many summers in the Hamptons, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the first fragrance from Hampton Sun: Privet Bloom. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I found...

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