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How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

You know the importance of being physically active. But do you know how active you really should be? From the looks of it, most Americans don’t. According to new research ...

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Get Gabrielle Union's Super-Toned Arms

Achieving super-svelte arms may seem more difficult with age, but there are many approaches to getting toned, sexy arms like actress Gabrielle Union, who turns 40 this year. You...

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Can Chocolate Combat Aging Muscles?

According to a new study, eating dark chocolate may affect your health in the same way exercise does. Aerobic exercise like running increases the number of mitochondria in muscl...

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Four Fun, Fat-Blasting Workouts

Focusing on losing fat in just one area is nearly impossible, which is why many trainers choose to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training. Here are four up-and...

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