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The Best Anti-Cellulite Workout

The thighs, butt, stomach and upper arms are the areas that attract cellulite and women are on a constant quest to find a permanent solution to eliminate it.

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The Fight For Firmer Arms

Sleek arms a celebrity staple-just look at Jennifer Lopez. One of the easiest ways to tone up your arms is by performing strength-training exercises that target the triceps. Id...

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Four Fun, Fat-Blasting Workouts

Focusing on losing fat in just one area is nearly impossible, which is why many trainers choose to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training. Here are four up-and...

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Are Crunches A Waste For Your Waist?

Although crunches are often the most popular exercise used to achieve a toned belly, they aren't the best option if you're looking to sculpt a bulging waistline. "Crunches targ...

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Is A Low-Carb Diet Deflating Your Butt?

A well-balanced diet coupled with exercise is essential for maintaining a firm butt. Low-carb and high-protein diets may be all the rage right now, but according to Los Angeles ...

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A Fitness Hurdle For Older Women

You may have suspected this already, but now it has been proven: the older a woman is, the harder it is for her to stay in shape. Researchers at the Washington University Schoo...

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Tighten Your Thighs In An Hour

Even though diet and exercise should be your main strategy for getting your legs in shape, sometimes a little extra help is needed. That's where the Hot Pants Treatment at The S...

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The Kettlebell Craze

There's a growing fitness phenomenon called kettlebells, and they're not only changing the face of fitness, they're changing the shape of bodies, too. Kettlebells date back to...

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A Firming Flip-Flop Workout

Flip-flops at the office are a no-no, but lately, I've been thinking about breaking that rule. I'm not even a flip-flop kinda girl, but there's a genius new pair that I want to ...

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