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Magic Healers: Spa Mud Treatments

It may seem counterintuitive to cover yourself in mud to improve your skin, but mud-based treatments have been around for centuries because of their therapeutic benefits (some a...

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Mud That Gets Hair Un-Dirty

Your face isn't the only place where sebum can show up in excess. It can also accumulate on your scalp and hair, weighing it down, making it look grimy and lifeless. Add atmosph...

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Marine Mud For A Clarified Complexion

Clay masks are an excellent option for acne-prone skin, but every skin type can use a healthy dose of clarity now and then. And luckily, the Botanics line from Boots features a ...

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A Cleansing Mask Of Clay And Botanicals

The term "mud mask" has been in the beauty business for decades, but truth be told, it's a little deceiving. You're not actually going to put mud in the traditional sense-the we...

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A Vitalizing Vegas Spa Ritual

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of experiencing the MGM Grand Spa's signature treatment, the Dreaming Ritual. Performed in the zen-like private lower level, ...

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One Mud Mask, Three Uses

If you've never had a beauty treatment involving fango-mud from Italian thermal springs-prepare to get three different kinds in a single bottle. The Sea Enzyme Mud Mask uses f...

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