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Seven Mouthwash Maximizers

Whether it's more of a common occurrence or the lingering effects of your last meal, bad breath affects us all at some point. Sure, brushing and flossing are important in killin...

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Why You Really Should Use Mouthwash

Although your dentist might not promote the importance of rinsing with mouthwash as much as brushing and flossing, you might want to incorporate mouthwash into your regular rout...

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Is Mouthwash Safe for Veneers?

Alcohol is one ingredient that you should avoid in mouthwashes. While it may quickly dry up bad breath-causing bacteria, it can also create more of it, since alcohol causes the ...

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Bye Bye Morning Breath

I use mouthwash every day, more so to ensure fresh breath than to promote oral health (don't tell my dentist) but that freshness only lasts so long. I've recently came across a ...

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Rinse Away Stains In A Snap

With the proliferation of teeth whitening products on the market, it stands to reason, why not include whitening in all your oral care products? By working to keep your smile br...

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Green Mouthwash For A White Smile

I love mouthwash. Anything that makes me confident about my breath is a-okay with me. What I don't love is mouthwash that makes my mouth feel like it's on fire. Ironically, I ...

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Fresh Breath For Far Longer

The feeling you get after using mouthwash is pretty invigorating. You feel like you can refresh the world with one gentle breath. But it's not long before you're back to a taste...

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