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Is ’80s Hair Making A Comeback?

The word “mousse” often evokes memories from the '80s, when we wore acid washed jeans and huge, crunchy hair. How would you feel if I told you that big hair was ma...

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A Mousse With More To Offer Than Most

Mousse with honey and marshmallow may sound like an awesome dessert, but if we're talking about it on DailyBeauty, you can be sure it has something to do with your 'do. Aveda P...

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Modern Mousse For Wonderful Waves

I haven't used mousse since middle school, back when it was practically issued to every suburban New Jersey teenager; and I was, for all intents and purposes, convinced I would ...

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A Transforming Foam For Fine, Flat Hair

At first glance, Jonathan's new Infinite Volume Thickening Foam looks like... well... water. But with a just a pump, it transforms into a luscious mousse-and it transforms fine ...

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3d Volume—No Glasses Required

Did you happen to catch Rose Byrne's lush-looking hair at the Golden Globes recently? You may think expensive products went into her thick, soft waves, but her stylist actually ...

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A Mousse To Spruce Up Your Eyebrows

Mousse isn't just for the hair on your head anymore! Blinc has reinvented the fluffy stuff for a brilliant new brow-grooming boon that will change the shape of your beauty routi...

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Moisturizing Mousse For A Radiant Body

You may not expect a drugstore beauty brand to be innovative, but I've learned to not assume that about Olay. They keep surprising me with out-of-the-ordinary ideas, like their ...

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