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Plastic Surgery As An Economic Indicator?

It turns out that when the number of cosmetic procedures performed rises, so does the economy. At least that's what experts are suggesting. Their logic? If the economy is health...

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It Makes Cents To Care For Your Smile

It seems like everyone's worried about health care costs these days. Unfortunately, the first place people try to save money on medical costs is in their mouths, putting off den...

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New Year... New You?

When a new year begins, it's not unusual to pledge significant self-improvement. However, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery cannot be made as casually as a resolution to ...

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Prioritizing Facial Procedures

The eyes, nose and chin are three distinct facial components, but they all work together when it comes to presenting a youthful and attractive appearance. Whether one area is de...

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Cosmetic Surgery And Your Career

We'd all like to believe that we can get and keep jobs based on talent and effort, but in this precarious economy, many people feel their appearance plays a bigger part than eve...

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What Makes A Product Pricey?

Just like there are very real reasons why a Zac Posen handbag costs hundreds more than one at Target, beauty companies peddling extremely expensive products can, in many cases, ...

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Is Plastic Surgery Ok At Any Income?

As plastic surgery gains more acceptance and popularity, its cost still serves as a hurdle for many Americans. However, a new survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plasti...

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Russia's Controversial Stem Cell Trade

Stem cells are all the rage in Russia these days, but not in laboratories and not without controversy. Pharmacies in Moscow are stocking stem cell pills and creams, and scores ...

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