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The Celebrity Secret for C-Section Scars

After nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor, all you really want in the delivery room is that baby out of you. Whether by choice or necessity, sometimes that means having ...

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Pregnant Molly Sims Shares Her Beauty Tips

NewBeauty Magazine caught up with actress and supermodel Molly Sims at the 9th Annual Step Up Women's Organization Inspiration Awards, where she shared who inspires her beauty a...

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Rehabilitate Your Overtweezed Eyebrows

Even if you've tweezed your brows beyond recognition, there is hope. "Most women have overtweezed their brows at some point and now want natural-looking brows with a nice shape...

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Model-Worthy Lashes

For luscious lashes, Molly Sims uses the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. This must-have beauty favorite features an angled curve that suits all eye shapes, for instantly longer lash...

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