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A Unique Fragrance Finds A Fan Base

I think one of the most offensive things a stranger can say to you is “Are you wearing X perfume?”-especially when they are right. There's nothing else that scream...

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Fresh Breath For Far Longer

The feeling you get after using mouthwash is pretty invigorating. You feel like you can refresh the world with one gentle breath. But it's not long before you're back to a taste...

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Fuller Hair From A Wholesome Spray

The vast majority of volumizing products rely on lab-centric ingredients. Although these typically do the trick, there's no reason for natural Nellies to go against their organi...

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Turn Bathtime Into A Beauty Treatment

A bath is so much more than a way to get clean. It makes "your whole equilibrium rebalanced," says Regine Berthelot, treatment manager at The Plaza's Caudalie Spa, known for i...

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A Minty Multitasker From The Caribbean

Unless you live alone, be prepared to share your bottle of Aloe Vera Gel with Mint by Ligne St. Barth. It's a do-it-all summer soother you won't be able to keep to yourself. It...

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The Coolest Summer Moisturizer

We've always been fans of Olay Total Effects and the lucky seven anti-aging actions it takes to improve skin. But the latest twist on this brand staple makes it perfect for this...

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This Foot Cream Is Really The Balm

I've been neglecting my feet big time. No pedicures, no exfoliation-I hadn't even been moisturizing regularly. It was starting to show, so I decided to start with the basics: a ...

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A Head-To-Toe Multitasking Moisture Mist

When's the last time you used a leave-in conditioner to set your makeup? We don't know about you, but our answer is "never." That being said, we're going to start doing exactly ...

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