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Factors That Affect Your Ph

When we're born, our skin is the most neutral that it will ever be in terms of pH. The body has a natural alkaline reserve to counteract excess acidity, but it declines with age...

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A Powerful Pink Skin Purifier

You don't typically associate salt with great skin, but the truth is, salt is a powerful detoxifier. While this benefit isn’t typically linked to salt in your diet, bathin...

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An Ancient Ritual Made Simple

Some anti-aging rituals never go out of style. Gratiae Ultrox Expression Marks Anti Wrinkle Serum incorporates rejuvenation from an ancient healing source made popular in the 2n...

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Ahava Made Easy

We're always excited when a beauty line we love comes out with something new to makes our lives easier. Ahava, known for its Osmoter blend of minerals harvested from the Dead Se...

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Shimmering Skin From A Special "Spray"

So, you want your skin to shimmer for a fancy evening soirée, but slathering on sparkly body lotion from the drugstore just seems so gauche. Thank goodness for Vincent L...

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Acne-Fighting Foundation Primer

If there's anyone reluctant to use foundation primer, surely it's those with acne-prone skin. Just the thought of a smothering extra layer can make a person break out. It's rath...

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Show Your Skin—And Chakras—Some Love

We'd love to give you a full lesson on chakras, the seven forces of spiritual energy in the human body, but a full understanding of the Hindu concept could take days, weeks, eve...

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A Preemptive Strike Against Pimples

Although it seems like they spring up overnight, pimples can take weeks to form. So that breakout embarrassing you today has probably been stalking your skin since December. Sur...

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A Beautiful Complexion Now And Later

There are tinted moisturizers, and then there's Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer. This borderline-magical formula is a one-step solution for looking instantly prettier and subsequ...

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