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A Shimmering Potion For Prettier Strands

When we shake a bottle of Kelly Van Gogh's Wonderlust, our inner little girls ooh and ahh over the swirls of shimmering liquid; but our outer grown women just want to start spra...

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The Anti-Aging Anti-Foundation

Even though so many of us won't leave home without it, foundation can cause endless frustration. A shade that looks ideal indoors looks awful outside; a seemingly smooth applica...

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Moist Skin From A Powder?

Sure, it makes sense to pick a powder when you want a matte finish. But if you want a moist glow? It sounds counterproductive, but that's exact what you'll get from Kanebo's won...

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The Best Bronzer For Fair Maidens

Isn't it ironic? I'm very fair-skinned, so I like using a little bronzer in spring and summer; but it's because I'm so fair that most bronzers look downright terrible on me-like...

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Wash And Glow

I've never been into shimmery body lotions, but I'm the first to admit that my skin could use a little more radiance. That's why I was so excited to try Olay's clever new Body W...

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