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Legal Troubles For A Shady Chicago Medspa

If you're wary of ads luring you into Lipodissolve, an unproven form of mesotherapy, your instincts are accurate. And now, a Chicago chain of medspas is facing some potentially ...

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Mesotherapy Banned In Kansas

Kansas has become the first state to take an official stand on mesotherapy, which purports to reduce fat through a mixture of enzymes and the drug phosphatidylcholine. The state...

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Injections For Fat-Melting And More

When it comes to fat-melting injections, you may have heard of Lipostabil, Lipodissolve, Mesolift, MesoSculpting, or MesoGlow. These treatments are all versions of mesotherapy, ...

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The Latest U.S. Procedure Statistics Are In

2006 plastic surgery statistics have been released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and there is a big surprise over last year's numbers: the number of bot...

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