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A Retro Toothpaste That Makes Us Smile

I'm a sucker for all things retro. And while I surely appreciate contemporary cosmetics with forward-thinking formulas, my fondness for all things vintage definitely applies to ...

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An Aftershave Alternative In A Genius Gel

Remember that scene in Home Alone where Macauly Culkin splashes on some aftershave and he screams bloody murder? Well, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, aftershave doesn'...

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Happier Feet, Calmer Mind

You may already know Foot Petals as a source of sole-cushioning pads that make the most sadistic shoes more comfortable, but this cute company also makes foot-specific skincare....

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Soothe Stressed-Out Lips

Skyn Iceland is the master of stressed-skin solutions, as you may already know. And lucky for those of us with chapped lips, they've realized chronic stress may have contributed...

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A Vintage-Y Multitasker For Men

We've found a refreshingly retro product for a retro kinda guy: Johnny B. Shampoo Paste. We know what you're thinking-paste? We thought that, too. But there's a reason this mint...

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Instant Luminosity

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with skin that's just average. It's not problematic or embarrassing, and you can live with that. But why settle for forgettable skin? Absolut...

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