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25 Grooming Gifts for Men

Men aren’t the easiest to shop for, nor do they tend to indulge themselves with luxurious fragrances or swanky skin-care creams. But that’s where we come in. To help...

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Tom Ford Thinks Men Should Wear Makeup

I had an enlightening exchange with my fiancé the other day. We were shopping together for some new clothes (a rare occasion for him) and I pulled out a tank top that I t...

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Grooming Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. We’ve selected our top men’s grooming products—tailored to suit his every need and indulge his senses, all while ...

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A Guy's Guide to Cosmetic Procedures

While it's no secret that men seek out cosmetic procedures just like women these days (Brotox anyone?), we don't typically consider how different men's procedures are from women...

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Men's Biggest Body Complaints

Newsflash! You aren't the only one obsessing over every little rotundity or jiggley bit on your body. Men do it too. In fact, even though men may not be as open about their body...

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Can Being Attractive Make You Bad At Math?

As if the women-are-mathematically-challenged myth needed any help being perpetuated, surprising new research shows that being seen as sexy can mess with a woman's math skills. ...

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Even Men Need An Excellent Exfoliator

A woman uses her favorite high-end face scrub to brighten, decongest and smooth her complexion. There's nothing wrong with a guy wanting the same thing. In fact, they have an ex...

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