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Redheads Can't Get A Tan—Can They?

Take a redhead to the beach and they'll leave with skin the color of their hair. Experts have always assumed this tendency towards sunburn means fair-skinned folks can't make mu...

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How Inflammation Can Cause Acne Scars

Adult acne in and of itself has an emotional component to it—many who suffer from it try to keep their complexion under wraps. And the scars left behind are no different. ...

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Could Your Eyes Get Skin Cancer?

When you hear the word melanoma, you probably think of skin cancer. But technically, it is cancer of melanocyte cells, which means it can occur anywhere the body has pigment. On...

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The Science Behind Skin Color

Ever wonder what makes your skin color different from a friend or family member's? Apparently, it all comes down to one little protein. In 2005, scientists were able to determi...

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A Special Transplant To Transform Vitiligo

Although vitiligo affects 1 in 200 Americans, most people can name only one person they're aware of having had it: Michael Jackson. During his lifetime, treatments for this patc...

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Help For Hormone-Challenged Skin

There isn't a specific age when skin officially becomes "mature." But when menopause or perimenopause causes noticeable changes in skin's behavior, it's time to turn to not only...

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