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Bigger, Brighter Eyes With Makeup

Think about it, your eyes are the focal point of your face. And nothing says youth and beauty like having big, gorgeous doe eyes. Even if you were born with small, almond-shaped...

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Mascara Makeover

Can you believe it's been 40 years since the debut of the cult classic mascara in the pink and green tube? Since then, Great Lash has become America's No. 1 selling mascara, wit...

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A Favorite Foundation Updated To Endure

A couple years ago, I told you about Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation, which has since ceased to exist. I thought that was a real shame, because I've found very few foundat...

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Indulgently Shiny Color, Non-Indulgent Price

Maybelline knows how to grab the attention of a lip gloss addict. When I stopped at my local drugstore on the way home recently, I couldn't resist their latest display, which fe...

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Sit. Stay. Look Gorgeous.

I have an embarrassing problem. I'm a sweater. No, not the wool kind. When other people are cold, my face is having its own personal summer. My friend Lauren, who has the same p...

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