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A Natural Way To Calm Down And Slim Down

If you're willing to let someone give you a massage, you're probably relatively comfortable with you body. But just in case you think it could use some refining, you should know...

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Sensual Massage Oil With Beauty Benefits

Getting a massage from your significant other has obvious intimate advantages, but why stop at seduction when you can simultaneously beautify your body? One of our favorite fo...

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Aromatherapy Oil With A Fresh-Faced Effect

It's understandable to assume that Kerstin Florian's Organic Aromatherapy Anti-Stress Oil is a massage oil. But interestingly, this calming formula is for the face. Perfect for...

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Massage Away Workout Aches

Always on the lookout for a good massage oil, I stumbled across this soothing and warming one. From Weleda comes the Arnica Massage Oil, specifically formulated for use before a...

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Massage À Trois

Sexy celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kate Moss are loyal Agent Provocateur fans; and who can blame them? Their gorgeous, vintage-y lingerie is the most titillating in bo...

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