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A Clever Collection Of Spellbinding Scents

We're utterly hypnotized by the aromas and inventiveness of the Lily Lambert SPECTRUM collection. The eight fragrances, each assigned a letter to spell out the collection's name...

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A Fruitful Approach To Exfoliation

The grammar gurus on the NewBeauty staff had never heard the word saltmousse before, so we're pretty sure Pevonia Botanica made it up. But their fruity de-aging saltmousse is su...

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A Firmer Face From A Top-Notch Toner

You rely on toner to do a few simple jobs: clean away any remaining residue, help clarify your complexion, and, well... tone. So when we heard about a toner that claims to do th...

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A Pair Of Heat-Protection Hair Perfectors

Heat-styling your hair without treating it with protective products is just asking for damage. Although no product can totally stop singeing, there are two new options from Matr...

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Luxurious Lip Balm Worth Its Lofty Price

Nothing against ChapStick, but my lips need more than what a $2 balm can offer. It's not that I'm a snob-trust me, I'd rather spend $40 on a new Gap top than a lip balm. But my ...

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Red, Replenished Lips

The only thing better than lips with a sexy red tint are lips that are fully moisturized, noticeably healthy and plump. So the fact that Nuxe has brought all of these aspects to...

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