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The Ultimate Mascara

Every woman wants long lashes. While false lashes can look great, there is something to say about the convenience of just coating lashes with mascara for some added length and v...

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A Cosmetic Kit To Camouflage Vitiligo

Over 60 million people are effected by vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that causes splotches of depigmentation in the skin, yet there are very few courses of treatment for manag...

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The Beauty Of First-Class Kabuki Brushes

As a teenager, I was the quintessential theater nerd. Back then, if someone said "kabuki," I'd assume they meant the centuries-old, exaggerated, Japanese style of drama. However...

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Take A Journey Through A Thorough Palette

I'm writing this from Bethesda, Maryland-not my normal setting for DailyBeauty blogging, but wherever I go, beauty follows like a little lost puppy. In fact, I saw flying here t...

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