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A Powerful Pink Skin Purifier

You don't typically associate salt with great skin, but the truth is, salt is a powerful detoxifier. While this benefit isn’t typically linked to salt in your diet, bathin...

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Lose Weight With Almonds

Almonds are often talked about as a great snack to fill up on without filling out your waist line. That said, it’s really easy to overdo it if you eat too many—just ...

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Light Therapy In Three Little Bottles

Photorejuvenation fans can't sing enough praises about IPL, which uses light to penetrate skin and repair signs of sun damage. However, a modest budget could be keeping you from...

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How Tap Water Tampers With Your Beauty

Something ordinary you do every day is aging and irritating your skin. Washing it with tap water! Tap water contains several minerals and metals to maintain its safety. Some ...

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Repair And Prevent Sun Damage

Correcting the lines and discoloration caused by sun exposure is a difficult task, as is preventing additional damage from showing up on your skin in the future. We're glad to r...

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A Serious Anti-Slackening Solution

The Biotherm labs have created a new firming formula with carefully-selected ingredients that add up to a visible difference. No, it's not for your face. It's for body skin that...

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