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Give Your Hands A Lift To Look Younger

Celebrities may get high praise for their super-svelte bodies and beautiful faces, but tend to get scrutiny when they have less-than-plump hands that give away their age. As our...

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The Latest Launch In Our Material World

When I was 14, I was reading Tiger Beat, admiring my new acne breakouts and playing The Oregon Trail. But then, I'm not the daughter of a legendary pop icon. But Lourdes Leon is...

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Is A Gappy Smile Sexy?

Celebrities like Madonna and Lauren Hutton have flaunted gappy smiles for years, but spaces and gaps may not be the best way to express your uniqueness, especially if your goal ...

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Aesthetic Acupuncture?

Every day, more and more people look to acupuncture for an alternative way to treat various ailments. And now, certified cosmetic acupuncturists are helping patients avoid injec...

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Why Oxygen Is Essential To Skin

Obviously, we need oxygen to live. But even though we get sufficient amounts of oxygen every day, the skin needs much more to function properly. As we age, oxygen does not reac...

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Go To A Pro For Lovely Lashes

Eyelash extensions are getting a lot of buzz these days, thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. But lash extensions aren't for celebrities and special occasions ...

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Madonna's Skin Secret

We hear Madonna can't get enough of the O2 Intraceuticals machine-in fact, it's rumored that she's bought one $7,000 device for each of her three homes. The O2 Intraceuticals m...

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