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The Hip(Pie) Way To Shampoo

Dry shampoo has been helping many busy women skip a day of rinse and repeats since the seventies now. But Psssssst ($6) no longer reigns queen of dirty hair, as today, with dry ...

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Soap Not Soup

Sharks get a bad rap. Don't get me wrong, I'm terrified of the creatures, but their existence is essential for maintaining healthy marine ecosystems. And shark populations have ...

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For A Fireside Freshener

We got a great response when we told you about Archtek's Toothpaste Tablets for traveling. So we know you'll be interested in the latest LUSH smile-saver. We're well into summe...

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Buildable Body Scent For Boys (And Girls)

We have forever turned to Lush for all of our soapy needs and we were superexcited to hear about their newest line: Dirty. Lush says Dirty is for people who care about their app...

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An Addictive Exfoliating Body Butter Bar

I couldn't resist trying Lush's hardcore body scrub You Snap The Whip, rumored to have the ability to bring even the most difficult skin under control. When I received the body ...

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A Scrumptious, Not-Too-Sweet Soap

I thoroughly enjoy the holidays because typically, that's when I can look forward to the release of some of the very sweetest scents of the year. My bath and body products are f...

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Dry Skin Salvation

With the recent changes in air travel policies and with most skin care products taking the form of liquid, it became all too clear to me that I needed to start looking for alter...

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