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The Healing Power of Flowers

Fragrant and beautiful, some of the most prevalent flowers in nature offer more than good looks. Florals and their extracts have long been used as a way to heal common beauty ai...

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Three Thoroughly Beautifying Flowers

Some flowers and their extracts have been used internationally for centuries as a way to cure common beauty ailments. Even in today's complex and scientifically advanced world, ...

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A Mild Yet Mighty Cleanser For Everyone

As an aesthetician, I am often asked to try out new product lines on my own skin. Everyone wants to know what I consider high-quality, but I'm often given samples of items not s...

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Britain’S Best Botanical Beauty

Botanical ingredients are flourishing in beauty products these days, but how many skin-care companies can boast a world-renowned expert on flower essences as their founder? Fres...

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