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Salvation For Damaged, Dry Strands

The bottle of Living proof's new Restore Conditioner (for dry or damaged hair) reads: “tangle removing, softness restoring, shine renewing, strand healing.” Big pr...

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Living Proof That Hairspray Can Hold

All of us girls who need extra hold for hairstyles to stay in place, have very high expectations of hairspray. With all of those needs in mind, the scientists at Living Proof de...

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An Awesome Alternative To Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos have become a gigantic trend, and we've definitely become followers-but some of us spray those powdery potions with a hint of reluctance. We keep thinking there mus...

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Wash Away Frustrating Frizz

Not long ago, Living Proof burst onto the beauty scene with their No Frizz styling products-recognizable by the word frizz with a line through it-and began changing the way humi...

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