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Ingredients With Beauty Benefits

Can the fountain of youth-as well as a glowing complexion-really be found in what you eat? Doctors have long supported the connection between skin health and diet, but when it c...

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Can Cutting Carbs Cut Liver Fat?

A new study reveals that curbing carbohydrates is more effective than cutting calories for those looking to quickly remove the amount of fat in their liver. If you have doctor's...

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Dandelion Is A Dandy Detoxifier

You may think of dandelions as just another weed, but this member of the daisy family is a natural detoxifier that helps clean the liver, blood and kidneys to rid the body of un...

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Can Blueberries Whittle Your Waist?

Anyone who's seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory makes an association between blueberries and an expanding waistline. But recent research shows that Violet's favorite fru...

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Support Your Liver For Lovelier Skin

When you drink alcohol, it might make someone else look a little more attractive; but the damage it can do to your liver may be effecting your skin in a negative and noticeable ...

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Long Legs' Link To Liver Health

The long legs of celebrities like Gisele Bündchen and Maria Sharapova don't just help them look gorgeous-they may contribute to better health, too. A team of British resea...

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