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What Causes Dry Skin?

Skin is comprised of water, ceramides, proteins and lipids that exist in perfect balance. When this balance is properly maintained, nutrients and water reach all the layers. W...

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Sunflower Power For Color-Treated Hair

We color our hair to make it look more vibrant, but if it's not sufficiently cared for, we can end up with the opposite effect. Coloring in and of itself can damage hair, and th...

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Glowing Skin, Instantly And Over Time

Hear that? That buzz is the Ava MD fan base rejoicing over their results from Brilliant Lotion Day-by-Day Glow. Even if you're not obsessed with brand-favorite Radical Departu...

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How Wheat Could Do Wonders For Your Skin

You may have noticed wheat in your moisturizer's list of ingredients. Its ceramides, a kind of lipid molecule found in the outer layer of skin, is believed to help skin stay hyd...

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Dry Oil: Understanding The Oxymoron

Confused by the expression "dry oil"? You're not alone. A lot of body oils tout this term on their labels, but what exactly does that mean? Dry oil differs from traditional bod...

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