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Fuller Lips With Help From Your Dentist

For those who are in the market for a more perfect smile, porcelain veneers are the go-to method for those in a hurry and for a good reason too. That’s because they can he...

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A Big Boost for Lips: Permanent and Non

First, it should be stated, that thin lips can be incredibly beautiful. Proof? Greta Garbo, Jodie Foster—to name a couple. However, when it comes to Hollywood these days w...

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How to Find the Perfect Lip Color

It’s a sad truth that what may look stunning on one person, may not look so great on another. This typically applies to everything, whether it’s hairstyles, clothing...

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Four Tips to Stop Lip Lines

Lips are the sexiest thing on your face, but guess what, they age faster than the rest of your skin. However, lip lines and wrinkles can be prevented and even corrected with a c...

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The Key to Natural-Looking Lips

A youthful face, that doesn’t look “done,” encompasses balanced features that are proportionate to one another. "Balance and proportion need to be adhered to. ...

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Do You Need a Lip Lift?

I assure you, you’re not alone if you’ve never heard of a lip lift or lip shortening. But new research from a 22-year study suggests lip-shortening surgery should be...

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Are Lip Implants A Good Solution?

Lip implants may have recently taken a backseat to less-invasive enhancing procedures, like fillers, but there are some women who desire long-lasting results when it comes to fu...

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