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Could A Lip Gloss Save Your Life?

It's a sad reality of the modern-day social scene: if a woman takes her eyes off her drink for just a moment, it gives her date or a stranger the opportunity to spike that drink...

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New Lip Plumpers For A Prettier Pout

When it comes to beauty, one thing is certain: Trends come and go. But these products and breakthroughs made it onto our radar and we can’t seem to get enough of them. Her...

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Why Lip Oil Is Your New Best Friend

We love the nourishing feel of chapstick and we love the polished look of lipgloss, so it’s only natural that we would want a product that is the best of both worlds. Ente...

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Two Ways to Plump Limp Lips

If your lips have slimmed down over the years, the reason is because of collagen loss. Factor in less moisture, sun damage and fine lines (above the lips), and your pout may be ...

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Lips Like A Celebrity? Yes, You Can!

It was hard to miss all the thick, luscious lips on the red carpet during the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. Actresses Emma Stone, Amber Heard and Natalie Portman puckere...

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Pout Of This World

We have beauty regimens for almost every part of our body from our face to our feet. But not our lips-until now. Bliss has just introduced a beauty regimen especially for your l...

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Peptide Plumper Gives A Perfect Pout

Summer has me going very minimal on my makeup. I don't know why the sunshine has me feeling like all I need is one coat of mascara and a touch of lipgloss, but with the absence ...

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Lip Gloss With Long-Lasting Effects

I know you have a favorite lipstick or lipgloss-I'm not going to try to get you to switch to mine. But I have to share my new favorite lip treatment that can be applied directly...

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