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Lip Color For Lushes

While five glasses of wine is never a good look, a matte lip color is. And my latest obsession actually contains 5 mg of resveratrol, the antioxidant equivalent of five glasses ...

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The Red Lipstick Redux

Red lipstick is one item on a long list of things I can't pull off. No matter what the season, what I am wearing or my mix of makeup, it perpetually makes me look like I'm headi...

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Pencil In Some Color

There's a lot to love about the new summer collection from NARS. Francois Nars says, “There are no rules when it comes to seasonal makeup looks! When the temperatures ris...

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Long-Lasting Color For Lips And Lids

There are very few products we'd be willing to use on both our lips and eyes. Textures and colors that work well on both are few and far between. But we've finally found a produ...

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A Sharpener That Strives Against Bacteria

One of the smartest and easiest ways to battle bacteria on your eye and lip pencils is to sharpen them after each and every use. This sheds the last layer, and with it, any germ...

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A Lasting, Luscious Lip Pencil

I don't wear a ton of makeup, which is one of the reasons I typically avoid lip pencils. I always look overdone when I wear them, not to mention the texture never comes out righ...

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