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Try A Lip Lift For A Sexier Mouth

A facelift may not be enough to achieve a rejuvenated, youthful face, says Reston, VA, plastic surgeon George W. Weston, MD. While many people address aging lips with fillers an...

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Restylane Gets Fda Approval For Lips

Earlier this year, we reported that the Food and Drug Administration's General Plastic Surgery Devices Advisory Panel had recommended Restylane for lips. Just this week, that r...

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Fda Panel Recommends Restylane For Lips

Today, April 27, the FDA's General and Plastic Surgery Devices Advisory Panel has recommended that the FDA expand the approved use of Restylane, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler,...

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Injectable Options For Aging Lips

As we get older, the edge of the lips becomes less shapely. Collagen and elastin, which give lips their pouty shape, break down over time, and lines around the lips settle in. O...

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Heidi Montag's Multi-Procedure Makeover

Fans of the MTV's The Hills know that Heidi Montag has always been a pretty girl. But she didn't think so. So in 2007, she went from babe to all-out bombshell by getting a nose ...

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Energize Your Aging Lips

Thermage treats mildly sagging skin on the face by delivering radio frequency to the dermal layers and stimulating collagen production. But if your main concern is an imperfect ...

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Learn A Lesson From Lisa

Late last year, Lisa Rinna realized and confessed that her fondness for fillers had left her looking unnaturally enhanced. She told In Touch magazine that she switched from Boto...

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Kylie's Confession: "I'Ve Tried Botox"

As a cancer survivor, pop singer Kylie Minogue has surely experienced enough stress to put a few frown lines on her forehead. So, where are they? According to the adorable Aust...

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Fatten Up Thin Lips

Human fat can be injected to augment the lips with a technique that involves using a syringe to extract fat from the buttocks or other fatty areas of the body. It is then washed...

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