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Treatments That Can Harm Hyperpigmentation

Discoloration can range in type and color, so it's important to discuss your hyperpigmentation with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon before trying certain treatments, as so...

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Your Hydroquinone Questions Answered

Hydroquinone works by inhibiting the production of melanin, the pigment that causes darkening of the skin and leads to hyperpigmentation. Many dermatologists consider hydroquino...

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Shield Yourself While Treating Spots

Avoiding the sun is a must when undergoing any treatment for hyperpigmentation, since sun exposure can exacerbate dark spots and patches. If you're frequently in the sun while...

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Stop Discoloration With An All-Star Cast

Hydroquinone is known far and wide for it's spot-lightening abilities. Its biggest competition is probably kojic and azelaic acids, which its fans tout as uber-effective. So ima...

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Light Therapy In Three Little Bottles

Photorejuvenation fans can't sing enough praises about IPL, which uses light to penetrate skin and repair signs of sun damage. However, a modest budget could be keeping you from...

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Could Peptides Replace Hydroquinone?

Peptides have become prevalent in skincare products, typically playing the part of wrinkle relaxers. However, these amino acid chains have untapped potential, ranging from sooth...

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