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What’S The Right Laser Or Light For You?

Lasers and light-based therapies for hair removal, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation have nearly become everyday tools for people seeking smooth, blemish-free or simply more yout...

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Active Ingredients On Demand

From microwaves to DVR to high-speed downloads, clearly, we want what we want when we want it. Unfortunately, skincare products haven't always complied. Although formulas have...

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Shining A Light On Keloids

Keloids are dark, raised and sometimes itchy or painful scars resulting from excess collagen growth in response to a wound. While injectable steroids are the traditional treatme...

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An Illuminating Answer To Acne

Acne doesn't care about your financial situation. If you're suffering from chronic breakouts, professional LED treatments can be very effective for your skin but also very drain...

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A Chest Can Change Its Spots

Most cases of discoloration, age spots and freckles that appear on the chest are the result of repeated sun exposure. To eliminate their appearance, you may want to look into a ...

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What Are Those Little Red Spots?

If you have them, you know what we're talking about. They look like tiny, red blood blisters, and they crop up in the strangest places: your chest, arms, back, face, torso, thig...

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Is Your Skin's Red Roughness Rosacea?

If you experience persistent red blotchiness, dryness or bumpy, rough skin-more than just the occasional dry patch or inflammation-rosacea may be the cause. A chronic inflammat...

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A Melanoma-Finding Machine

Melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer, affects thousands of Americans each year. But if caught early on, it is usually 100% curable. With MelaFind, a noninvasive hand-held...

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