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The Spicy Future Of Anesthesia

Anesthesia hasn't evolved all that much since the late 1800s, but a recent Harvard-based study zeroed in on an unlikely potential catalyst for change: hot peppers. Ironically,...

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Take Precautions With Topical Anesthetics

Laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and other treatments available at medspas may come with an offer of a topical anesthetic, like lidocaine cream, for your comfort. However,...

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Fillers With Far Less Pain

Before being injected with your chosen dermal filler, you'll probably receive local anesthesia, for which you'll have to wait to work before you get the enhancing injection. The...

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Elevess Officially Ok’D

At the end of July, the much-anticipated filler Elevess, from Anika Therapeutics, received FDA approval for commercial sale. Like other hyaluronic-acid injectables, it is expect...

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