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Lemony Lotion To Tone And Invigorate

You've heard the saying, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Well, the holistically-minded folks at Dr. Hauschka realized that lemons have way too many skin benefits to w...

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Healthy Hairspray For Every Step Of Styling

I've never considered myself a hairspray kind of girl, but some of the styles I've been gravitating towards lately just won't work without it. For example, I attempted to wear a...

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A Better Bath For Moms-To-Be

If there's anyone who deserves a long, relaxing bath, it's a pregnant woman. And we recently found a way to make it especially indulgent, with the benefit of organic ingredients...

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Cream That Curbs Varicose Veins

If you've never been pregnant, there's a good chance you've never heard of Robelyn Labs. They specialize in high-performance maternity body care. But one of their products that ...

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Berlin's Best Deodorant

Quite possibly the world's most expensive deodorant, Liebling works hard to earn its price. Called a "biological" deodorant, it works completely differently from what you might ...

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Your Freshest Face From A Kiwi Cleanser

Is there anything more honest than a completely clean face? It reveals the truest you. And whether or not you let everyone see you naked from the neck up, we all have to wash ou...

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An Exfoliating Bar With Organic Appeal

We tend to think of John Masters Organics as a hair brand, but if your look beyond the mane merch, you'll find some must-have head-to-toe skincare. And even though they just arr...

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Organic Body Cream With Citrus Strength

Obsessed with all things citrus? Prefer organic products? We don't know how you wouldn't instantly fall in love with HollyBeth's Citrus Body Cream. Featuring organic bergamot, ...

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