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What’S The Right Laser Or Light For You?

Lasers and light-based therapies for hair removal, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation have nearly become everyday tools for people seeking smooth, blemish-free or simply more yout...

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An Illuminating Answer To Acne

Acne doesn't care about your financial situation. If you're suffering from chronic breakouts, professional LED treatments can be very effective for your skin but also very drain...

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Lessening Wrinkles With Led

LED, the light-emitting diode technology found in everything from TV sets to exit signs, is proving to be a smooth operator in the wrinkle-reducing realm. German researchers h...

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A Pre-Tan Pod To Prolong Your Results

You probably know that exfoliation is the key to an even self-tanner application, but we just heard about an even more reliable way to get the smoothest glow possible. Some spr...

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Treat Your Feet To Light Therapy

By now, you've heard about light therapy to treat just about every skin concern. Although light therapy is usually used for treating the more visible parts of the body, like the...

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Get Tighter Skin At Nordstrom

If you've been considering a light-based treatment to look younger, look no further than Nordstrom, where Osmotics is offering the same type of non-invasive, no-heat LED treatme...

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