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A Magic Bullet For Beautiful Hair

A company has to be pretty confident in a formula in order to call it The Cure 24/7, but White Sands has good reason for their assurance. This anytime leave-in really makes a di...

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Finally—A Leave-In For Fine Hair

One of the main reasons those with thicker hair use leave-in conditioners is to control puffiness. But that weighing-down effect is usually too much for fine hair, so it may see...

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A Shea Spray For Shinier Strands

When you don't have it, thick hair may seem luxurious; when you do, you know it can be anything but. It gets disobediently puffy, dry and dull faster-and less reversibly-than fi...

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Leave-In Conditioner Like No Other

With so many dry shampoos hitting the hair-care market-and thriving-it was inevitable: dry conditioner has arrived. First to make a blip on our radar is the easy-to-use, delica...

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A Head-To-Toe Multitasking Moisture Mist

When's the last time you used a leave-in conditioner to set your makeup? We don't know about you, but our answer is "never." That being said, we're going to start doing exactly ...

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The Most Versatile Hair Product—Ever

I'm usually opposed to using such absolute terms, as I just did in the headline. Even though, as a beauty editor, I've tried countless hair products, I definitely haven't tested...

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A Detangler That Delivers Healthier Hair

Knots don't discriminate. They may be especially prevalent in thicker, curlier hair, but there isn't a fine head of hair that hasn't been hassled by a few tangles. We're big fa...

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