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Get Lust-Worthy Lashes

Although eyelashes provide a barrier function—keeping out dust and debris—most women feel they serve a greater purpose. Besides adding definition to the eye and camouflaging the...

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Why Brooke Shields Never Seems to Age

At 47-years-old, Brooke Shields is one "Pretty Baby." The child star turned model and actress seems to look younger, and more beautiful every year. So what is it about Brooke th...

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Three Ways To Get Great Lashes

The smokey eye may have had its moment, but now it's eyelashes that are stealing the show for 2012. Long and lush are what we're going for, and luckily there's help for those wi...

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Your Hair: Lost And Found

Everyone experiences some natural hair shedding during the hair growth cycle, when it grows about a half an inch a month, then goes into a resting phase. A strand can go through...

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Could Latisse Be The Cure For Hair Loss?

Have you ever wondered, If Latisse can grow eyelashes, why can't it grow other kinds of hair? Well, Allergan has, and they're planning to experiment with their hugely popular pr...

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Look Younger With Longer Lashes

Long, full, dark eyelashes are a sign of youthfulness. Not only do they camouflage signs of aging around the eyes, they also enhance the eye's natural structure. If your lashes...

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Does Latisse Lack Sufficient Safety Stats?

By now, you've probably seen the Latisse commercial enough times to easily recite Brooke Shields's possible-side-effects monologue. The FDA, however, feels that the safety infor...

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Do Over-The-Counter Eyelash-Enhancers Work?

Not to be confused with mascara, which temporarily and superficially enhances the look of lashes, non-prescription eyelash-stimulating products aim to lengthen and strengthen, a...

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