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Elevate Your Beauty Sleep

When it comes to beauty problems, we've got a long list to conquer. We love finding solutions and this month we were able to cross another off the list. If you wear lash extensi...

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Get Lust-Worthy Lashes

Although eyelashes provide a barrier function—keeping out dust and debris—most women feel they serve a greater purpose. Besides adding definition to the eye and camouflaging the...

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The Best Ways to Get Longer Lashes

Hair growth from head to toe changes with age, and just as skin cells begin turning over at a slower rate over time, the hair follicles replenish at a slower rate as well. In ad...

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Look Younger With Longer Lashes

Long, full, dark eyelashes are a sign of youthfulness. Not only do they camouflage signs of aging around the eyes, they also enhance the eye's natural structure. If your lashes...

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Go To A Pro For Lovely Lashes

Eyelash extensions are getting a lot of buzz these days, thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. But lash extensions aren't for celebrities and special occasions ...

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