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Laser Hair Removal: What To Expect

While hair removal for our mother's generation was rather simple (the only real option was a good old fashioned razor), today, there are a seemingly limitless ways to de-fuzz ou...

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Laser Your Way To Great Summer Legs

You've still got a few months until summer officially hits, so now's the time to find some quick ways to get your legs looking shorts-worthy smooth. Two laser options may be ava...

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Toss The Tweezers

While women are fast to discuss beauty secrets and tips, facial hair is often left out of the conversation. So let's be real-we wax and thread repeatedly, and many of us turn to...

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Laser Hair Removal On Darker Skin

The best candidate for light-based hair removal is someone with fair skin and dark hair. Dark hair absorbs light more effectively, but the light can't tell the difference betwee...

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