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Revive Your Strands With Pomegranate

In addition to the array of health benefits that pomegranates provide, they have also been used for centuries to dye fabrics. Banking on the pomegranate’s ability to maint...

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Strip And Soothe Sensitive Skin

Whether or not a cleanser promotes its ability to remove all traces of makeup, sometimes I have a hard time believing it. While I probably should be more trustworthy of a cleans...

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Ancient Plant Extract Fights Frizz

Curly or straight, short or long, and all that's in between, no matter what kind of hair you have, you've been plagued with frizz at some point. For a good hair day, regardless...

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Prettier Hair With Papyrus Milk

Remember that one ridiculous line in Meet the Parents? "Oh, you can milk just about anything with nipples." Well, apparently you milk a few things that don't have nipples, like ...

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Patch Up Under-Eye Puffiness

We love how Klorane gets right to the point with this product title: Cornflower Smoothing and Relaxing Patches for Tired Eyes. But we really love that they actually do much more...

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A Gentler-Than-Ever Dry Shampoo

Deadlines at NewBeauty mean pretty long hours, and consequently, pretty flat, greasy hair by the end of the day. So in addition to the obligatory hand soap, our ladies' room is ...

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Dandruff Shampoo For Your Scalp Type

Anyone who's tried a dandruff shampoo without luck knows that they're not one-size-fits-all. Flakes can start on oily or dry scalps, and if the treatment you picked isn't right ...

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Natural Highlights In A Bottle

I'll admit it, I made a hair mistake. I decided I wanted to go dark-Eva Longoria dark-but the color of the model's hair on the box, a beautiful deep chocolate brown, didn't exac...

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Plane-Friendly Product

With the FDA's strict guidelines for what you can and cannot board a plane with, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my life a little easier. Usually I travel ...

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