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Grin And Bare It This Summer

With summer presenting many opportunities to show off your new bikinis, you may be frequenting your favorite waxing salon a little bit more than you would care to. But a girl's ...

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Instant Eyebrows From A Smart Stamp Set

We've never been ones to advocate completely removing one's eyebrows, but some women do choose to do so, and others don't have a choice when a medical condition leads to their l...

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Dry Shampoo Goes To The Dogs

You can tell a beauty trend has truly caught on when it's finding its way into dog grooming. Such is the case with dry shampoo: just when we thought we'd seen every one out ther...

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Decals That Can Do What Nail Polish Can't

Most days of the year, a simple, solid nail polish will do. Who doesn't love the look of a clean, modern manicure? But every now and then, it's acceptable-even advisable-to go w...

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Better Blowouts All Week Long

I've been meaning to go to my hairstylist, Jennifer, to get a long-overdue keratin treatment to tame my puffy, frizzy, why-do-I-live-in-Florida hair, but my calendar has been pa...

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Our Kind Of First Aid Kit!

Sure, Band-Aids and Neosporin are something we all need on-hand. But any beauty junkie knows that those little helpers only go so far. What a girl really needs to get through an...

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Bring These In Your Overnight Bag

You know that phase early on in a relationship when you start staying the night at his place, but you're not sure he'd be OK with you leaving a toothbrush in his bathroom yet? W...

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A Cosmetic Kit To Camouflage Vitiligo

Over 60 million people are effected by vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that causes splotches of depigmentation in the skin, yet there are very few courses of treatment for manag...

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