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Bridal Hair: 3 Looks We Love

To achieve a look that’s flattering from all angles, opt for a style with some volume or face-framing pieces.

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Can Split Ends Really Be Saved?

No matter what kind of cut or style you're sporting, there's nothing that reads unhealthy hair more than a mane full of split ends. While the sensible solution may be to reach f...

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Strengthen Weak Strands

Is your hair looking dull and breaking easily? If your hair is limp and brittle, it's trying to tell you it needs more moisture. Weak hair that's brittle is more prone to breaka...

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What To Expect From Keratin Treatments

If you're considering a keratin treatment in hopes of waking up every day with effortlessly pin-straight hair, you may be disappointed by the actual results. Keratin basically ...

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An Antioxidant-Enhanced Styling Aid

You'll find pomegranate and green tea in plenty of skincare products-but hair products? Why not? Hair needs antioxidant protection, too! And you might as well get it during ever...

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The Cashmere Sweater Of Sunscreens

One of the most common complaints we hear about sunscreen is that it leaves a strange finish on skin. And it's true-many do. But nothing could be farther from the truth when it ...

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