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Kelly Ripa's Brown To Blonde Hair Makeover

Kelly Ripa's bright baby-blonde cut is full of bounce and movement, but this daytime star has gone through several hair transformations before sporting the now-signature style. ...

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The Secret To Kate Middleton's Hair

If Kate Middleton isn't the best real life example of Cinderella, then we don't know who is. She's got it all-the svelte body, the flawless skin, the harmonious asymmetrical tee...

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Elizabeth Olsen Hits Cannes With Waves

Little sis to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Elizabeth, made her Cannes debut this year. We spotted her on the red carpet over the weekend, supporting her new film. Outfitted in a...

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The End Of Damaged Ends

Isn't it frustrating when hair looks perfectly healthy for the first few inches, and then it descends into chaos from the middle to the ends? The obvious solution is to just cut...

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Healthy Hairspray?

Yes! Hairspray can be good for your hair, thanks to Kerastase. The beloved L'Oreal offshoot offers the superpowered Resistance range, which features a protective hairspray calle...

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