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How Inflammation Can Cause Acne Scars

Adult acne in and of itself has an emotional component to it—many who suffer from it try to keep their complexion under wraps. And the scars left behind are no different. ...

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Shining A Light On Keloids

Keloids are dark, raised and sometimes itchy or painful scars resulting from excess collagen growth in response to a wound. While injectable steroids are the traditional treatme...

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Breast Reduction By Liposuction

The standard for breast reduction is surgically reducing excess fat and reshaping the skin envelope for a lighter, firmer, more proportioned breast. However, research has offere...

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Cortisone For Keloid Scars

While some scarring after injury to the skin is normal, a painful keloid may result when an overgrowth of fibrous tissue forms a thick, dense, raised scar that extends beyond th...

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Skin Rejuvenation For Darker Complexions

Those with darker complexions, including African-Americans and Native Americans, have long shied away from surgical rejuvenation, as the risk of irregular or raised scarring is ...

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